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Redevelopment Consultant

Redevelopment Consultant

The Redevelopment of a Society is a complex issue in itself and would thus require expert guidance and support of proficient professionals like Redevelopment Project Management Consultant (RPMC). At AutoScale Techno-Legal Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., we serve to you a plethora of project management services across all sectors and property types, adding value at each stage of a property life cycle.

Why AutoScale?

Redevelopment is a very high stake transaction and, therefore, would require ironclad documentation. If you are redeveloping your property, either through refurbishment or new build, we provide a full Project Management and Contract Administration service from project inception to completion. AutoScale Techno-Legal Consultancy Pvt. Ltd holds exceptional expertise in Architectural Services, Structural Services, RERA Liabilities and Liaison Services. In addition, our building consultancy team provides leasehold acquisition advice and development monitoring services.

Our Core Team Consists Of:

Techno-Legal Services: To verify the title of the land and to prepare and vet legal documents including the tender, appointment letters, consent etc.

Architectural Services: Designing and execution of the plan; preparing layout as per the Development control Rules.

Civil Engineer: Supervising and monitoring the construction of the building. Use of quality material and to prepare necessary structural plan and implementation thereof.

Project Coordinator: Proper coordination to make sure the project deadlines are met.

At AutoScale, We Believe in Simplification!


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